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12" Antistatic Inner Record Sleeves
12" Antistatic Inner Record Sleeves

12" Antistatic Inner Record Sleeves

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The Analogue Studio 12" Triple Layer Inner Record Sleeves protect your precious 45 RPM vinyl LP's from dust, dirt and grime, and provide antistatic protection. Comprising of 2 layers of high density polyethylene antistatic sleeving with a fixed protective rice paper insert, these sleeves are designed to ensure your records stay in pristine condition between plays. The 'Triple Layer Record Sleeves' are also highly recommended if you plan to store your record for a long period of time.

The very action of removing a record from a record sleeve produces a positive static charge, which instantly attracts dust and other airborne particles to the playing surface creating cracks and pops while playing, and dramatically reducing the life of your stylus. The 'Analogue Studio Triple Layer Inner Record Sleeves' help to reduce the static charge to a minimum.


  • Protects your records from dirt, dust and damage
  • Anti-static nature to eliminate static buildup
  • We recommend these excellent inner sleeves for professional record dealers and vinyl collectors.
  • Sleeves are 30.65 x 30.65, 40 microns.
  • Ideal for 12" or 45RPM vinyl records and LP's

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