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Anti-Skating Bias Tonearm Weight

Anti-Skating Bias Tonearm Weight

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This is a straight replacement if your anti skating weight is damaged or lost.

The Anti-Skate Weight is attached to a thin fishing wire that hoops onto the rear of some tonearms and hangs over the Anti-Skate Hoop. This allows for the perfect amount of counter-drag on the tonearm (all tonearms have a natural side-ways momentum), reducing the inclination to 'skip' or 'skate'. This weight is Adapters a perfect replacement for most tonearms which use this type of weight. Also handy as a spare.

*Please Note: This weight is supplied pre-attached to the fishing wire. 4.0g weight, including the nylon line


  • Weight is 4grams, 8.8mm diameter, 80mm from bottom to thread loop.
  • Simple to use
  • Replace your weight without any hassle.

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