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Anti-static Vinyl Record Cleaning Arm

Anti-static Vinyl Record Cleaning Arm

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"I find the cleaner to be very effective at removing dust and there is no evidence of static build up, even on a very dry day"


This simple and effective arm cleans your records, reduces record and stylus wear by keeping those grooves dusted while you play, and eliminates static build-up. The cleaner will not interfere with tracking force and anti-skate like the brush that attaches directly to your tonearm, as it mounts on the opposite side of your deck, thereby not interfering with any of the tonearms operations.


  • Very easy to install on any turntable with a plinth, very easy to use.
  • The fine fibre brush cleans the record as it rotates.
  • The conductive path from the tips of the carbon fibre brush to the ground wire dissipates static charges and reduces the attraction of airborne dust during playback.
  • Reduces record and stylus wear. Eliminates static build up.

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