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Stylus Cleaning Fluid

Stylus Cleaning Fluid

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The Analogue Studio Stylus Cleaning Fluid has been carefully formulated to remove all the gunk and dirt from your stylus without leaving any residue. Appropriate for use on all stylus, this is an essential for the turntable enthusiast.


The key to reducing stylus wear and tear is to use an effective, high-quality fluid. Consistent use of the Analogue Studio Stylus Cleaning Fluid will ensure your stylus stays contaminant and residue free and will greatly prolong the life of the stylus and of your records. 


Dirt is the enemy to optimal sonic performance. The stylus picks this up and eventually this can significantly impact the performance of your system. The Analogue Studio Stylus Cleaning Fluid leaves no residue and removes all dirt from the stylus. Use before and after long playing sessions will ensure you get the best perfomance from your Hi-Fi equipment.



  • Reduces dust on the stylus
  • Includes brush for easy application
  • Evaporates leaving no residue
  • Helps to prolong the quality of the stylus
  • Helps to maintain high quality sound reproduction
  • 15ml bottle with brush attached to the lid

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