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Tape Head Demagnetiser
Tape Head Demagnetiser
Tape Head Demagnetiser

Tape Head Demagnetiser

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Whilst your reel to reel or tape cassette player is drying after cleaning, you should always take the opportunity to demagnetise the parts the tape passes through during playback, to ensure the best quality sound reproduction. The Analogue Studio Tape Head Demagnetiser provides an easy and hassle free way to achieve optimum demagnetization, prolonging the life of your cassette tape machines.

1) Turn the power off on the tape recorder.  Demagnetising with the power on can damage the circuitry. 
2) Turn the demagnetiser on well away from tape or tape machines (3' or greater). 
3) Move the demagnetiser in so the tip contacts the parts of the tape recorder you are trying to demagnetise.  You want to do the heads, guides, and the capstan. 
4) Move across the surface of each part and from one part to the next very slowly and smoothly.  If you slip and move fast, go back over that part. 
5) After you have gone over the surface of every metal part in the tape path, very slowly and smoothly move the demagnetiser away until you are at least 3' away. 
6) Turn the demagnetiser off.

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