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Vinyl Record Cleaning System
Vinyl Record Cleaning System
Vinyl Record Cleaning System
Vinyl Record Cleaning System
Vinyl Record Cleaning System

Vinyl Record Cleaning System

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The Analogue studio vinyl record cleaning system provides easy, hassle free manual cleaning for 7", 10" and 12" vinyl records. Capable of cleaning up to 50 records per session, the system offers much greater performance and ease of use over conventional brush-type record cleaners.


Hand held brushes require the user to apply the correct pressure to clean thoroughly. In addition to this, the user must judge exactly how much fluid to apply to the brush. Too much or too little of either of these factors can adversely affect cleaning. Our record cleaning system applies the correct pressure at all times through the calibrated brushes. The fluid is correctly diluted by the user when setting up so it is always applying the right concentration to the records.


Our system is very easy to operate. Simply click the rollers and brushes into the machine, add the correct amount of fluid, fill with water and go. Each record is turned three whole turns clockwise and then three whole turns anti-clockwise. It can then be placed on the record rack for drying. The contaminants simply sink to the bottom of the machine which can be seen as you pour the solution away.


Most records gather contaminants in the grooves when stored over time. These contaminants act as a barrier between the stylus and the record, preventing optimal audio playback. If you've never cleaned your collection thoroughly with a cleaning system, the difference in sound can be outstanding. Regular cleaning ensures the records sound as they were meant to. It also prolongs the lifespan of your stylus and record.

After cleaning, we always recommend storing the record in one of our inner sleeves. If storing for a long time, it will pay dividends to also store it in a more robust outer sleeve to protect the record sleeve as well as prevent contaminants to the record itself.


  • Cleaning machine
  • Drying rack
  • 2 Velvet cleaning brushes
  • 2 Rollers
  • 2 bottles of Analogue Studio cleaning fluid (capable of cleaning up to 500 records)
  • 2 Microfiber drying cloths
  • Instruction manual

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