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Electronic Stylus Cleaner
Electronic Stylus Cleaner
Electronic Stylus Cleaner
Electronic Stylus Cleaner

Electronic Stylus Cleaner

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The Analogue Studio electronic stylus cleaner has been developed to remove stubborn dirt from the stylus fast, gently and safely. Gentle vibrations clean the stylus without leaving any residue. 


The stylus serves as the central component in the playback process, responsible for initiating the generation of voltage through motion. Its crucial task is to precisely follow the groove at a micrometer level. Pickup manufacturers invest substantial efforts to achieve this precision. However, when the needle becomes soiled, even a finely crafted and polished diamond cannot accurately trace the groove, resulting in premature or delayed responses that lead to audio distortions.

Dust, both visible and hidden, along with particles like silicates, polymers, and organic materials, often inhabit seemingly clean records. These contaminants cling to the needle during playback due to the elevated temperature, rapidly accumulating after just one side of a record has been played, rendering the needle almost invisible due to dirt buildup.


The operational principle resembles that of ultrasonic cleaning techniques employed in dental technology and eyeglass care, involving potent high-frequency vibrations to cleanse surfaces. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that ultrasonic treatment can harm certain materials like aluminum. Even if the diamond were to be meticulously cleaned, it may jeopardize the adhesive bonds and suspension of the needle carrier, similar to the effects of harsh cleaning solutions.

In contrast, the Analogue Studio vibration cleaner operates at a lower frequency, designed to impart three-dimensional vibrations to the needle, guaranteeing the removal of all contaminants without jeopardizing bonding or suspension. The frequency is meticulously fine-tuned to ensure safe cleaning while delivering impeccable results. It's important to acknowledge that the needle's motion during cleaning significantly differs from its performance in actual playback, requiring a fluid medium to transmit vibrations from the device to the needle.


The pickup system's scanning capacity has been enhanced, resulting in a longer lifespan for the needle due to reduced wear and tear. This improvement also leads to a substantial reduction in scanning noise. When it comes to sound quality, the difference is truly remarkable. Both distortions and bothersome interference have been markedly minimized. Playback now offers a more dynamic and enjoyable experience. Annoying peaks are no longer a concern, and even significant modulations are faithfully reproduced without distortion. Notably, the frequency range seems to have expanded, particularly in the bass and treble regions. It's essential to recognize that cleaning the record is just as vital as cleaning the needle.


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