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KAB Precon Phono Stage Burn In Device

KAB Precon Phono Stage Burn In Device

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KAB Cermag Ceramic

Works in all countries as this unit is purely passive (No power supply is required)

All new Phono Stages take between 30 to 100 hours use before sounding at their very best. This little device will speed up the process without putting hours on your precious stylus.

Perfect for burning in your phono stage or phono cable

The PreconLP™ is designed to convert a line level signal to a phono level signal with the proper inverse RIAA response characteristics. It is very accurate and has several applications in audio engineering and Hi Fi systems.

Simply connect the PreCon between your CD player and your phono stage and you'll be able to play CDs through your system without overloading the inputs.

The PreconLP can also be used to convert an unused phono input into a spare line input.


  • The output level adjusts automatically for MM inputs and MC inputs.
  • When sourced into a 47K load the output level will match moving magnet cartridges.
  • When sourced into a 100 ohm load, the output level will match low output moving coil cartridges