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KAB RF-1 Rumble Filter

KAB RF-1 Rumble Filter

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KAB RF-1 Rumble Filter

Getting into LP's and startled at the big speaker cone movements that you're seeing? Thinking a better turntable will help? It may not! This very low frequency energy is called rumble. Much of it is actually cut into the record groove when the master disc was made. Other sources are mis matched tonearms, poorly damped tonearms and acoustic feedback. Often, the only way to suppress rumble is with a really good rumble filter. 
With rumble eliminated, the soundstage becomes more "still" and the bass actually tightens up because the woofers are no longer modulating and the power amp is no longer wasting current resources on sub audible noise.

The KAB Great Sound Escort RF-1 is a very fine transparent rumble filter that not only suppresses very low frequency (subsonic) energy, but also uses a unique active cancellation circuit that effectively suppresses vertical rumble too. Your subwoofers will thank you! Suppresses acoustic feedback too.


  • The RF-1 is a must for vinyl enthusiasts.
  • The KAB RF-1 is easy to install. Place it in between the phono preamp and control amp or in a process loop. It requires no attendance. It is happy to remain powered up at all times.