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Record Cleaning Machine Fluid (150ml)

Record Cleaning Machine Fluid (150ml)

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The Analogue Studio cleaning fluid has been perfectly designed to work hand in hand with the Analogue Studio Record Cleaning Machine. The fluid is absorbed readily by the velvet cleaning brushes extracting any dirt and grime deep within you record grooves, providing a thorough clean without damaging the vinyl surface. 

To use, fill the machine to the fill line with distilled water and add approximately 4 caps of the Analogue Studio cleaning fluid. Gently mix the solution and you're ready to start cleaning. Each bottle will clean approximately 200 records.


  • 150ml bottle of Analogue Studio cleaning fluid
  • Cleans approximately 200 records per bottle
  • Formula designed to absorb effectively into the velvet cleaning brushes on the Analogue Studio cleaning machine
  • Quick-dry formula to speed up the drying process
  • Formulated to perfectly clean surfaces of vinyl records without leaving residue

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