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Vibrapod Cones
Vibrapod Cones

Vibrapod Cones

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Introducing the new shape of affordable vibration control: the Vibrapod Cone. Made to be used on their own or in conjunction with a set of Vibrapods, Vibrapod Cones can support up to 11.3 Kg. per cone and can be used either point-up or point-down.

Vibrapod Cones will enhance the performance of your Hi-Fi and video equipment by protecting your equipment from room and rack vibrations. Used by themselves, or in combination with the amazingly affordable Vibrapods, you can boost the performance of your system for a small amount 

 The Vibrapod Cone is made from the same material as Vibrapods, but is cone shaped, with a ball bearing inserted in its tip and a flanged base for proper seating on a Vibrapod. Using a set of three or four underneath your components will give you quieter backgrounds and therefore more detail. Subtle clues that lend to the realism of the performance will be easier to hear, and your music will be richer and less fatiguing.  


  •  Easy to use and extremely affordable, 
  • Definitely recommended to use in conjunction with the Best-Selling Vibrapod!
  • Vibrapod Cones can be used independently or with Vibrapod Isolators for maximum results.  Image above shows Vibrapod Cone with Vibrapod Isolator